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What time is acceptable to spend at the computer and TV?

What time is acceptable to spend at the computer and TV? Peculiarities of using computer and TV by healthy people and epileptics. From 5 to 15% of all epileptics suffer from bouts which may be caused by flashing of light. Women face this problem 2.5 times more frequently. A reason of bouts for photosensitive patients can be watching TV, playing computer games, flashing light in a disco. This refers to all forms of epilepsy, whose EEG demonstrates the increase of epiactivity due to flares and flashing lights during provocative tests. The patients with photosensitivity (not all patients with epilepsy) should be limited in watching TV. But even photosensitivity is not …

Going to school with epilepsy

Which school should be chosen for epileptic child? Your child can study in comprehensive school if: he or she has normal intelligence and hasn’t any problems with behavior  (it means that student doesn’t  attract all teacher’s attention during the lessons) If it is hard for your child to study in comprehensive school you’d better change it for a special class (adjustment class) or school which is especially organized for pupils with mental retardation of different levels. Special commissions (consist of doctors, psychiatrists and tutors) can recommend you the best way of education for children with problems in study, communication, behavior, psychophysical development etc. Children with mental retardation as a rule …

Shall we treat epilepsy?

The treatment of epilepsy is really necessary because: When the seizures with impairment of consciousness begin in dangerous circumstances (such as swimming, cycling, driving, working with different machines and so on), there is a risk of getting some serious injuries (craniocerebral trauma, contusion, fractures of extremities or nose etc.) If the attacks are frequent (everyday) and accompanied by impairment of consciousness it’s really hard for children to study and for adults to work.  It can seem that absence seizures (petit mals) aren’t so dangerous, but without jugulation there is a possibility of  grand mals. What is more, the treatment that isn’t started in time will be less effective. When we deal …

What brings on epilepsy

When patients ask “ What brings on epilepsy?” they usually want to know what brings on the seizures. In this article we are going to tell you about predisposing factors of epilepsy. Seizures as a rule have a sudden beginning  and spontaneous end. Usually they are completely unpredictable, because they start without any provocation. But the attacks can also be encouraged by concrete situations when we deal with some forms of epilepsy. This predisposing factors are: