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Which school should be chosen for epileptic child?

Your child can study in comprehensive school if:

he or she has normal intelligence and hasn’t any problems with behavior  (it means that student doesn’t  attract all teacher’s attention during the lessons)

Going to school with epilepsy
Going to school with epilepsy

If it is hard for your child to study in comprehensive school you’d better change it for a special class (adjustment class) or school which is especially organized for pupils with mental retardation of different levels.

Special commissions (consist of doctors, psychiatrists and tutors) can recommend you the best way of education for children with problems in study, communication, behavior, psychophysical development etc.

Children with mental retardation as a rule study in schools of VII type ( adjustment classes),  boarding schools of  VII type or comprehensive schools with adjustment classes.

These children also can study with comprehensive school program, but the tasks are given according to their abilities. It means an individual work with every epileptic child. What is more, it is not recommended to keep down a student who didn’t master the program.

Children who are advised to study in schools of VIII type (in Russia for children who have difficulties with reading) can study in adjustment boarding schools, but parents have an opportunity to decline this advice. In that case their child will study in comprehensive school.

Disabled children are recommended to study at home (tutor will visit your child) or study in special boarding schools.

Further education for epileptic children (college, university) doesn’t depend on his or her disease, it should be chosen according to child’s preferences, skills and own expectations from the future.

 To sum up, from this article we’ve known that the epilepsy doesn’t define the type of school your child should study in; it depends on individual intellectual and behavioral characteristics. Usually epileptics study in comprehensive schools, then finish colleges and universities. Children with mental retardations study in schools of VII or VIII type.

Translation by Olga Kaptsova ( mendesnsk@mail.ru)

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