Меню (жмите)

The treatment of epilepsy is really necessary because:

When the seizures with impairment of consciousness begin in dangerous circumstances (such as swimming, cycling, driving, working with different machines and so on), there is a risk of getting some serious injuries (craniocerebral trauma, contusion, fractures of extremities or nose etc.)

If the attacks are frequent (everyday) and accompanied by impairment of consciousness it’s really hard for children to study and for adults to work. 

Shall we treat epilepsy
Shall we treat epilepsy

It can seem that absence seizures (petit mals) aren’t so dangerous, but without jugulation there is a possibility of  grand mals. What is more, the treatment that isn’t started in time will be less effective.

When we deal with concrete forms of epilepsy the inadequate treatment or its absence can lead to cognitive functions disorders (problems with speech, attention or inability to study ) and to some special psychological and characterological features formations such as rigidity.

It is also considered that every repeated attack results in seizure, so it’s very important to break this “vicious cycle”.

Generalized convulsion attacks especially their epileptic status (status epilepticus) (when the duration of the attack is about 30 minutes) possibly lead to destruction of nervous cell populations.

The external symptoms of seizures may be frightening for Average people, so epileptics can face with problems at work or school, with family, in public places or while travelling.

Some forms of epilepsy are connected with temporary or permanent movement disorders (postseizure paresis, paralysis)

Progression of epilepsy also causes irreversible changes of brain structure.

Sometimes progressive epilepsy with serious consequences can hide behind benign epilepsy with positive prognosis (for example, Rolandic epilepsy).

Considering all mentioned above, you can see that your life without attacks will be more interesting and easier. There are no doubts that the epilepsy should be treated with strict recommendations of your doctor. 


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