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When patients ask “ What brings on epilepsy?” they usually want to know what brings on the seizures.

Что вызывает эпилепсию, или что вызывает эпилептический приступ

In this article we are going to tell you about predisposing factors of epilepsy.

Seizures as a rule have a sudden beginning  and spontaneous end.

Usually they are completely unpredictable, because they start without any provocation.

But the attacks can also be encouraged by concrete situations when we deal with some forms of epilepsy.

This predisposing factors are:

  • Flashing light
  • A lack of sleep
  • Stressful situations
  • Intense fear or anger
  • Some medicines intake
  • Alcohol intake
  • Hyperventilation (deep and fast breathing)

The knowledge about possible influence of these factors on epileptic majors is useful while doing electroencephalogram. The informative value of EEG increases with doing stress testing such as photostimulation (flashing with different frequency light), sound stimulus, hyperventilation testing (ask the patient to breathe deeply and fast for 5 minutes or to inflate a balloon). Sleep deprivation before the examination also can give important details. This stress testing helps to detect some latent abnormalities in other words it detects the seizure pattern. And precise diagnosis of it allows us to assign effective antiepileptic therapy.

Because of the fact that hormones monthly change in female organism, women may have more frequent seizures during menstruation (from 2-4 days till its beginning to 2-4 days after its end).

New attacks or remission failure of seizures can also be encouraged with cerebral cortex stimulation that is used in physiotherapy (electrophoresis, amplipulse), acupuncture, active massage, intense medicamental therapy (for example simultaneous prescription of Cortexin, Cerebrosylin, Gliatilin, Fenotropil). Psychostimulants activate brain processes and seizure pattern. This is dangerous for epileptics.

You should be aware of any factors that encourages your seizures. It will cut the amount of attacks and there will be no necessity of raising a dose of antiepileptic medicines.

So, be aware of predisposing factors of seizures such as flashing light, a lack of sleep, stressful situations, intense fear or anger , some medicines and alcohol intake, hyperventilation and electrotherapy.


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